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KWS Siskin

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Type: Group 2, Bread and Export Pedigree: KWS Sterling x Timaru


KWS SiskinVariety Positioning

  • Agrii’s third biggest selling variety in 2017. Continues to delivers top feed-level yields with Group 2 bread-making quality and is one of the most consistent and stable varieties tested in the past few years. High untreated yields in Agrii’s network over the past four years and these reflect the variety’s excellent disease profile. A decent Hagberg Falling Number and specific weight, it will find a home in lower grade milling grists and onto a boat for the export market under ukp. An ideal choice for the high-output wheat grower looking for additional premiums or market opportunities.
  • Proving to be consistent across soil types and all regions except Scotland. A first choice variety for the West and Eastern region and up into Yorkshire, but probably no further North. Agrii trials on both heavy and light land sites show that protein accumulation is lower than the Group 1 varieties as it is very difficult to achieve a protein level above 12.5%. It can be grown as a first or second wheat but there are higher yielding varieties for this rotational slot.
  • A vigorous variety with a relatively fast speed of development. Not suitable for early drilling and best drilled in the main drilling window up until the end of October. Medium to high tillering capacity and it is very competitive against black-grass. A characteristically waxy type with sensible straw length but will benefit from and respond well to a robust PGR programme. Medium maturity
  • The Timaru parentage brings with it some German genetics and will have contributed to its outstanding disease resistance. Its only real weaknesses is against brown rust where it is weaker (3.6) that the official rating suggests. It will serve as a good diversification partner for Yellow Rust. No Orange Wheat Blossom Midge resistance.

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