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LG Typhoon

LG Typhoon





Hard Feed Wheat

Garrus  x LGW88


A slower developing wheat with good resistance to Septoria tritici

Good all-round foliar disease and midge resistance.

Variety Positioning

  • A hard feed variety that performed consistently well in Agrii’s national trials over the past three years (96% treated, 87% untreated).

  • It is a slightly lower yielding variety but opens up opportunities to
    reduce input costs due to its improved agronomic profile. It has reasonable physical grain quality (77.1 kg /hl, AHDB) but a relatively low HFN (164). 

  • Suitable for all regions including areas of high sterility risk. It is adaptable across heavy and light soils and suitable for drilling from mid-September through to the end of October.

  • It has performed well in the second wheat slot and has average competitiveness against grass weeds.

  • Moderately tall but with average strength straw, treated (7) (6) and untreated (7) (5) and medium-late maturity (+1) (+2) and higher sprouting risk (5). 

  • A good set of disease scores for mildew (6.5), yellow rust (8.8) (8.1) and Septoria tritici (7.2) (7.0), but weaker against brown rust (5.8) (4.3) and fusarium ear blight (4.9).

  • Resistant to orange wheat blossom midge.


Numbers in bold – Agrii Advisory List data.
Numbers in standard text – AHDB Recommended List data.

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