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Seed Treatments

Affordable and effective way to optimise yield potential

Seed treatments are an affordable and effective way to optimise seed germination, plant establishment, early growth and yield potential.

Protect the health of your crop and investment.
Our range of available seed treatments include:

WARNING – Use pesticides Safely – Always read the label.

Cereal Seed Treatments

Beret Gold
Controls the seed and soil borne diseases of winter and spring wheat. It is based on a fludioxonil and has low dust and excellent flowability through the drill.

Redigo Pro
Controls the seed and soil borne diseases of wheat and spring barley, oats, rye and triticale – it’s the latest formulation from Bayer CropScience to improve, handling, reduce dust and further improve loose smut and Fusarium control. It is based on a combination of prothioconazole and tebuconazole.

Rancona iMix The preferred base treatment for spring barley based on a combination of ipconazole and imazalil. It control loose smut, leaf stripe and seedling blight dieases. Agrii trials also show that it control seed-borne net blotch. It is also used with Vibrance Duo on barley to boost activity against loose smut and leaf stripe.

Raxil Star (Winter Barley Only)
Raxil Star is a specialist winter barley fungicide which improves crop performance and quality with activity against difficult to control diseases.

Vibrance Duo
Contains fludioxonil and sedaxane for control of a range of seed borne diseases in winter wheat, winter triticale, winter rye, spring oats and winter and spring barley. It also increases root and shoot biomass in both winter and spring crops.


Provides a zone of protection around the seed which kills or repels wheat bulb fly or wireworm in autumn/winter sown wheat and barley. It cannot be used in cereals drilled later than the end of January,

Currently the only specialist take-all seed treatment and is effective in all take all situations.

Take Off ST
Two complimentary bio-stimulants to increase root growth and photosynthetic efficiency. Contains stabilised phosphite and pyro-glutamic acid. Increases winter hardiness and drought tolerance also improving root mass and emergence.

Highest load Manganese (450g/t) available and contains a collating agent that prevents lock-up by the soil. Applies 20% more Mn than New Manganese Solution and uptake is via the seed coat and roots to get more Mn into the plant.

High load Zinc (450g/t) formulation. Responses even in non-deficient soils and consistent yield responses across a range of crops including wheat, barley and oats.

Fielder Copper
This provides a readily available source of copper to the emerging seedling, reduces the need for complex foliar tank mixes and it is compatible with other seed treatment products in the Agrii range.

OSR Seed Treatments

Seed treatments are also applied to oilseed rape to control diseases and stimulate early vigorous growth.

They include:

Integral Pro
It is a biological control agent that colonizes the roots and releases exudates that control seed-borne Phoma, Alternaria and Rhizoctonia. It also stimulates root and shoot growth and controls low to moderate levels of Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle.

Take Off OSR
A phosphite-based bio-stimulant that promotes early root development and boosts crop establishment and early crop vigour.

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