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RGT Bairstow

RGT Bairstow - Group 4 Winter Wheat





GROUP 4 (Soft Feed & Distilling)

(Revelation x KWS Santiago) x Cougar


Variety Positioning

Rated ‘good’ for distilling
Reasonably good disease profile

  • RGT Bairstow was a new addition to the UK and Scottish
    Recommended Lists last year. It has given high yields in Agrii trials (100% treated, 87% untreated) with consistent performance across the UK.
  • Grain quality average with Hagberg Falling Number 228 and specific weight 76.2 kg/hl, but it is rated ‘good’ for distilling so is likely to be of interest in Scotland where it has performed consistently well (103%).
  • Suitable for all soil types, including lighter land, and it performs well as a second wheat. With an average speed of development it is not suited to very early drilling but will perform well through to the end of January.
  • Very competitive against grassweeds in Stow Longa trials.
  • Moderately tall with average straw strength treated (6) (6) and (6) (5) untreated so it requires a robust PGR programme.
  • Relatively late to mature (+2) (+4).
  • RGT Bairstow’s disease scores are decent enough with mildew (6), yellow rust (7.5) (7.2), brown rust (6.2) (5.6) and Septoria tritici (6.0) (5.9).
  • Moderately susceptible to fusarium ear blight and resistant to orange wheat blossom midge.




For more detailed Agrii data and the latest disease scores speak to your local seed specialist or Agrii agronomist.

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