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Spring Wheat

Agrii's Spring Wheat Varieties

We offer a wide range of Spring Wheat varieties for all soil types and farming systems.

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KWS Ladum

The highest yielding milling spring wheat in both official trials (102%)
and in an Agrii (110%) trial last year.

It also has very bold grain (78.0 kg/hl).

It is slightly shorter that Mulika (75 cm) with similar maturity.

Its disease resistance is reasonable with mildew (8), yellow rust (6), brown rust (7) and Septoria tritici (7) but, unlike Mulika and Nissaba, it is not resistant to orange wheat blossom midge.


Nissaba is best sown in the late autumn but last year it out-performed
Mulika by 10% in a spring-drilled trial.

It has a similar height (77 cm) to Mulika but is slightly later to mature (+2).

Disease resistance is similar to Mulika on brown rust (9) and Septoria tritici (6) but weaker against mildew (5) and yellow rust (5).

Resistant to orange wheat blossom midge.


A Group 1 spring milling wheat with a lower-than-average yield (94%).

It produces tall straw (78 cm) and a full PGR programme is advisable especially on fertile land.

Average disease resistance with Septoria tritici (6) and brown rust (6), mildew (7) and yellow rust (7).

Resistant to orange wheat blossom midge.


A consistently high yielding Group 2 variety with a 7% yield advantage over Mulika in Agrii trials. Excellent physical grain quality (78.5 kg/hl) but lower than average Hagberg (239s).

Similar in height (77 cm) to Mulika and similar maturity (+1).

It is very susceptible to yellow rust (4) but is resistant to orange wheat blossom midge


Hexham was the highest yielding spring sown wheat (110%) in Agrii
trials over the past three years and has reasonable grain quality
(77.8 kg/hl in AHDB trials).

Relatively tall (80 cm), stiff straw and slightly later maturity (+2).

Excellent disease resistance with good ratings for yellow rust (9), brown rust (7), mildew (8) and Septoria tritici (6) but not resistant to orange wheat blossom midge

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