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Introducing Agrii-Fortis OMF

A new organo-mineral fertiliser for a more sustainable approach to nutrition and a viable alternative to synthetic fertilisers.

About Agrii Fortis OMF

Made from anaerobic digestate, Agrii-Fortis OMF produces high yields, improves soil health and is safer for soil, crops and water, whilst maintaining safe delivery of essential nutrients.

Agrii-Fortis OMF - Reducing your carbon footprint

The Benefits of Agrii Fortis OMF

  • One tonne provides the equivalent organic matter as
    4 tonnes of farm yard manure
  • 80% less carbon dioxide used in production vs. traditional fertiliser
  • Potential to reduce N application by up to 20% without detriment to yield
  • Cost effective
  • Well suited to regen / sustainable practices
  • 70% reduction in ammonia losses when compared to urea
  • 80% less leaching of N when compared to ammonium nitrate

Agrii-Fortis Range

Key field data has shown how Agrii-Fortis OMF fertilisers can dramatically affect the efficiency of nutrient delivery to crops.

Agrii Card Fertiliser

Safe Fertiliser Use

Safe Fertiliser Use
Agrii Card Fertiliser

Nutrient Management Planning

Nutrient Management Planning
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