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Hard Feed Wheat

Expert X Premio


Very high yields and good physical grain quality

Wide drilling window and good resistance against Septoria tritici

Variety Positioning

  • Graham has performed consistently well in Agrii trials over the past nine years (101 treated, 89% untreated), and, while it is not the highest yielding variety, much of its success can be attributed to its
    good Septoria resistance and bold grain (77.7 kg/hl, AHDB). 

  • More suited for East and West regions with yield tailing off in the North and best not grown in Scotland or other areas of high sterility risk.

  • It can be grown on heavy and lighter soil types, but it should always
    be grown as a first wheat as its second wheat performance is relatively poor.

  • Graham can multi-task across the drilling window. It has a relatively slow speed of development in the autumn and is ideal for early drilling, yet it moves relatively quickly in the spring.

  • It has a very prostrate autumn growth habit with medium to high tillering capacity so seed rates can be reduced. Agrii late-drill trials show that it continues to yield well through to the end of January.

  • Average competitiveness against grass weeds. Has average straw length and decently stiff straw, treated (7.6) (7) and untreated (6.9) (6) Early to mature (-1).

    Disease ratings are generally good for mildew (6.3) and Septoria tritici (6.6) (6.3), but yellow rust has started to decline (7.0) (5.4) and brown rust (4.9) (3.5) and eyespot (4.4) resistances are poor.

  • Not resistant to orange blossom midge.


Numbers in bold – Agrii Advisory List data.
Numbers in standard text – AHDB Recommended List data

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