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Precision Farming (RHIZA)

Integrated digital agronomy and precision farming service for arable, grassland and high value crop businesses.

  • Know your soil.
  • Understand your crops.
  • Achieve better ROI.


RHIZA turns your data into precise actions and better results, whatever your system – from pure variable rate application through to soil health, and every insight in between.

By delivering an unparalleled level of insight, RHIZA enhances yields, reduces risks, saves time and optimises inputs. We support growers and agronomists in achieving sustainable and profitable crop production and farming.

Gain real insights into how your farm is performing:

Your farm, your way

RHIZA are people, not a platform. Your own account handler will deliver what’s needed to support precision farming on your farm.

Our scouting app Contour Mobile provides quick access to in-field observations and satellite imagery, enabling targeted crop walking.

Precision and Data Services for Farms

No two fields are the same. We look closely at areas where your farm can improve and help you to do it. From variable rate applications to soil sampling and environmental services, there is a digital package suited to every business.

Our services include; 

  • Satellite Imagery & ClearSky
  • Weather Data
  • Pest & Disease Forecasting
  • Mobile Scouting App
  • Yield Maps
  • Soil Data
  • Seed Planning
  • Nutrient Planning
  • Lime Planning
  • Nutrient Management Planning
  • Compliance
  • Optional Support

Find out more about RHIZA and how farmers are using us to support their business

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Digital services to drive real results

RHIZA Digital

How smaller farms can benefit from variable rate applications

Phil Reed and Richard Bowes

Get Inspired

Improving establishment and in-field variation with imagery-based seed plans

Get Inspired

Optimising your operations

Accurate and timely data is becoming an increasingly essential tool in the pocket of farming businesses. 

That’s why we developed RHIZA, a digital service that integrates agronomy and precision farming in one service for arable, grassland and high value crop businesses.

The service is the only fully integrated one of its kind, and is already helping growers make better decisions, save time, reduce risks, optimise inputs, slash costs, and improve yields. 

Putting data at your fingertips

RHIZA combines satellite imagery, hyper-local weather data, pest and disease forecasting, and physical fieldwork to help you identify and adapt to variances across your land. 

Satellite imagery is used to assess crop biomass, health and performance, and create management zones for more accurate variable rate applications. 

Weather data helps you decide when to drill based on soil moisture, or when to spray based on surface wind speed. 

Pest and disease forecasting helps to better plan applications too, while the Contour Mobile app provides instant access to in-field observations and satellite imagery, enabling targeted crop walking. 

RHIZA also gives estimates of crop growth stage, and soil data such as organic matter and calcium levels, which is provided by Cranfield and James Hutton Institute. 

Ultimately, RHIZA supports you to achieve sustainable and profitable crop production.

LISTEN: Making Better Decisions with Data

How you can utilise the latest technology on your farm.

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Here to Support You

To find out how RHIZA could support your farming business, contact one of our friendly team:


03300 949150

visit www.rhizadigital.co.uk

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