Our expertise is deep and varied because we built Agrii by combining specialised companies over the last 30 years

Let's find out more about how Agrii helps with more about sustainable farming and the production of safe, affordable and healthy food

Overview of Agrii

We will ensure you meet today’s challenges with knowledge and confidence

Harnessing intelligence for farmers to give the best agronomic advice. 

We are a leading provider of agronomy services, technology and strategic advice, and provide farmers across the UK with unrivalled expertise and support. 

To do this, we harness the latest research and innovations across crop protection, seed, fertiliser, and technology - all trialled and tested at our network of iFarms and technology centres. 

In working with your farming business, we will ensure you meet today’s sustainable challenges with knowledge and confidence. 

An Introduction To Agrii

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Research-backed agronomy to help you produce sustainable crops.

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Deep & Varied Expertise 

Our expertise is deep and varied – and that’s because we built Agrii by combining a number of specialised companies over the last 30 years.

Each has a high reputation in UK farming, and each has contributed its unique capabilities to Agrii, enabling us to become an integrated agronomy services provider.


How We Help You Grow

10 ways we support your farm business. 

10 Ways We Help You Grow

Responsible and Sustainable Food Production

We recognise that the need for quality in food production has never been greater. Agriculture is coming under increasing scrutiny and pressure to farm with the highest regard for the environment, and to produce food of better quality, more safely, and less expensively.

We believe that it is vital that we meet the highest performance standards to achieve these goals.

Voluntary Initiative

We currently support the goals of the Voluntary Initiative. Our approach aims to ensure the best crop production practice that also protects or enhances the environment.

At Agrii, we:

  • Assess pesticide needs and environmental risks at all stages of devising crop production programmes.
  • Provide and work to some of the most up to date and comprehensive safe spraying advice on buffer zones and LERAP's.
  • Make absolutely sure a treatment is really needed, by monitoring crops to ensure treatments are appropriate to spray thresholds and individual field needs.
  • Adjust advice if necessary, if weather conditions delay actions, to avoid risks to water and wildlife from inappropriate applications.
  • Train and advise to the NRoSO standards to ensure spraying practices are correctly and safely conducted.

For more information on the Voluntary Initiative, visit www.voluntaryinitiative.org.uk.

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