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Spring Beans

Spring beans are a good break from cereal crops with many excellent rotational crop benefits.

A great contributor of residual nitrogen, spring beans have many plus points, such as enabling growers to take advantage of their excellent soil enhancing capabilities.

Growers should aim to produce a quality marketable crop so that they can target opportunities into all available markets. Key areas to watch out for are bruchid beetle and staining – areas that can be helped with good husbandry and attention to detail.

It is always advisable with larger seeded pulses to handle and dry the product gently to avoid cracking and splitting of grains.

Browse our Varieties Below


Consistent Variety with Downy Mildew Resistance

✚ Lynx is a consistent variety that has performed well over recent seasons of changeable weather patterns.

✚ A top yielding variety, Lynx also offers the best downy mildew resistance available and is one of the stiffest strawed varieties in the marketplace, a combination that is not currently matched by other varieties.

✚ Seed size is slightly smaller than Vertigo and Victus, however other attributes make Lynx a prime candidate for growers to choose.


Established Variety.

✚ Well established variety with good yields combined with medium maturity.

✚ Vertigo has one of the largest seed sizes which contributes towards producing the attractive samples needed for premium export markets.

✚ Moderate to good straw stiffness and average resistance to downy mildew.

LG Viper

Good all-rounder

✚ Very good yields have been achieved in recent seasons.

✚ With short, stiff straw and good disease resistance LG Viper has
good all-round agronomic characters.

✚ Slightly later to mature than Vertigo but higher protein levels than
most other varieties.

✚ Medium to large seed size with good potential for the premium
export market.

Breeder: Limagrain


Consistent LVC Type

✚ Victus is an LVC type which has consistently performed well over
a number of years.

✚ As high yielding as other popular spring beans, Victus has good
downy mildew resistance and good stem stiffness.

✚ Victus is an RAC variety.

For more information, speak to your Agrii agronomist or call your local seed contact here


Export uptake varies from year to year and is driven by North African demand. This market also sources supplies from France, the Baltics, Canada and Australia.

These competitor crops, like us, also have key issues to manage so patience and good marketing may be required to ensure returns are maximised.

Forward contracts for Harvest 2023 will be available as demand dictates. These usually relate to premiums over the Liffe feed wheat price, with additional premiums over that for achieving reasonable quality criteria.

Choice of variety is a key factor in this process, where demand is strong then most varieties of the right quality will find homes. When demand is less, buyers will prefer the larger seeded and more evenly sized types.

Varieties with low vicene and convicene (LVC) offer additional benefits into animal feed. These will increase in market share as they grow in popularity, particularly as yield performance matches the best conventional types.


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