Our expertise is deep and varied because we built Agrii by combining specialised companies over the last 30 years

Let's find out more about how Agrii helps with more about sustainable farming and the production of safe, affordable and healthy food

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Livestock are often closely tied to other parts of a farming business, such as forage or grain production, water quality, and soil health – which is why we take an integrated approach too. 

From the advice we give, to the products we offer, our team specialises in joining the dots between nutrition, seed, forage, animal health, agronomy and precision technology. 

All of this is backed-up by the latest research from our network of iFarms and Technology Centres, so you can be confident you’re staying at the cutting edge of good forage management, livestock health, and productivity. 

Advice and Support for Farmers

Guidance and Support from our Livestock Specialists

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How to Select Grass Seed Mixtures to Suit Your Requirements.

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Plan ahead for full season, sustainable worm control

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Reduce the incidence of Footrot on your farm

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Beef producers boost productivity in ground-breaking project

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Showcasing Sustainable Success on Speyside

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Specialist animal health and livestock support

The Agrii Livestock Team is made up of highly qualified and dedicated advisory staff.
We provide a professional, advice-based service in addition to supplying the following products.


  • Vaccines for Sheep, Beef, Suckler and Dairy enterprises
  • External and internal parasite control products for all farm animals
  • Trace element drenches and boluses for sheep and cattle
  • Superstock proteins for home mixing
  • Calf and lamb milk powders and follow on products
  • Protein and mineralised buckets and feed blocks
  • Compound feeds
  • Dairy and hygiene chemicals
  • Mobile livestock handling equipment
  • Cereal, grassland and forage crop seed
  • Silage preservation products
  • Equine prodcuts
  • Cereal harvest preservation products
  • Farm plans
  • Worming programmes, including faecal egg counts
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The nutritional work we are involved with has shown major advantages in health and temperament 

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Getting the basics right is fundamental to efficient production.

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Who We Are

Our expertise is deep and varied because we built Agrii by combining specialised companies over the last 30 years

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