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Hybrid Rye

Our Hybrid Rye Varieties

We have an extensive understanding of rye production throughout the UK.

Whether rye is being grown as wholecrop for AD or for grain for livestock production, we are able to supply you with unrivalled expertise when it comes to maximising returns from your rye crops.

Our knowledge and technical advice comes directly from the intensive trials and screening programmes that we carry out every year.

With sites throughout the UK, we are able to produce best practice recommendations for both variety choice and crop management.

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KWS Igor

Breeder: KWS, Germany

✚ Highly impressive and new grain variety from KWS
✚ Identified within Agrii trials as the highest yielding for grain
✚ Good all-round agronomics
✚ Very good vigour throughout the autumn and spring
✚ Benefits from KWS Pollen Plus genetics

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Breeder: Nordic Seed, Denmark

✚ Suitable for both wholecrop and grain production
✚ Identified as a successor or partner to Helltop within Agrii trials
✚ Significant following throughout Europe
✚ Equal vigour to Helltop throughout the autumn and spring
✚ Very stiff straw with good rust resistance
✚ Produces significant levels of high quality biomass

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Breeder: Nordic Seeds, Denmark

✚ Suitable for both wholecrop and grain production
✚ Constantly outperforms other varieties in Agrii trials
✚ Well proven throughout the UK and Europe
✚ The most vigorous hybrid throughout the autumn and spring
✚ Very stiff straw with good rust resistance
✚ Improved feed quality when compared to other hybrids

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SU Bendix

Breeder: Saaten Union

✚ Suitable for early drilling
✚ Very reliable grain variety
✚ Exceptional grain quality
✚ Ideal for incorporating into feed rations
✚ Suitable for all regions of the UK
✚ Good all-round agronomics

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Maximise Margins

Growing rye within a rotation can offer several benefits…

  • An alternative to winter barley
  • Offers a good blackgrass control option
  • A more economical alternative to second wheat
  • Reduced fertiliser, herbicide and fungicide requirements
  • Drought tolerance
  • +2 tonnes of straw per hectare when compared to wheat
  • High tillering ability
  • Very competitive against grassweeds

Grain Rye Feeding Trials

In 2019, a collaborative pig feeding trial between Elsoms Seeds, Harbro Feeds and Agrii was conducted at Leeds University. The feeding trial assessed varying levels of grain rye inclusion fed to controlled and monitored batches of pigs at the University Farm.

The significant findings from the feeding trial have enabled us to maintain an extensive understanding of how the crop is best utilised once harvested and the required quality traits from varieties.

We conducted further feeding trials in 2022, this time evaluating the results of grain rye fed to beef cattle in the UK.

Please get in touch for more information on any of our trials work or collaborative projects.

Hybrid Rye: A Solution to Today's Farming Challenges

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