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Fruit Agronomy

We help fruit growers and nurserymen meet the exacting standards demanded by the marketplace.

Our Horticulture Agronomists don’t just advise on the best crop protection treatments, they can help with a wide range of agronomy, regulatory, environmental and budgeting requirements that today’s growers demand.

We provide strategic advice, such as variety choice, planting systems and crop management. Strategy is regularly reviewed to ensure crops and enterprises are on course to provide the best potential returns.

By closely monitoring specific crop characteristics, our Agronomists can ensure correct application of inputs, to both grow for profit and meet regulatory requirements.

We adopt various monitoring techniques:

  • Soil analysis assesses nutritional requirements as well as detection of problems such as verticillium wilt in strawberries.
  • Leaf tissue analysis, from early leaf development to picking, also enables nutritional needs to be properly met.
  • Fruit analysis determines calcium levels in top fruit – important for storage suitability.
  • Disease modelling, using ours own ADCON weather stations strategically placed on a number of holdings, forewarns of diseases like apple scab and so enables accurate assessment of fungicide needs – product, dose and timing.

Specialist Advice and Services for Fruit Crops Growers

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Industry Leading Fruit Agronomy And Logistical Support

Farm Diversification: Branching Out with Rowles Farm

How this mixed farm enterprise branhced out into vineyards.

Backed by Agrii R&D - An introduction to our Fruit iFarm Kent

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We are the UK’s leading agronomy company, with more than 300 BASIS-trained consultants offering independent advice to arable growers

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