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Soil Moisture Monitoring

For targeted irrigation

Helping you get the most from your crops

Water is becoming an increasingly costly and limited resource. Yet crop irrigation which delivers water when and where needed, and in the right quantities, can have a massive impact on crop yield and quality. 

If you’re a grower aiming to achieve good irrigation, the first thing you’ll need is to know is your soil moisture levels. 

Multi-depth soil moisture information

That’s where we can come in. We provide multi-depth Soil Moisture Monitoring information, which can be linked to Soil Management Zones.

This enables you to make more efficient, targeted use of water resources, and to optimise your crop yields and quality, all saving you money and boosting your income.

All of this is available to you via RHIZA Connect - a joint initiative between Agrii, RMA and Anglian Water to provide highly localised weather information from fields, orchards and vineyards across the UK.

How is works   

To give you site-specific soil moisture readings, we install probes and rain gauges on your farm, which transmit data to the cloud in real-time. 

You’ll be able to access this up-to-the-minute information via your Agrii Dashboard, enabling you to accurately monitor soil moisture levels, and to make more informed decisions.

For an even more accurate assessment of your farm, Soil Moisture Monitoring can be integrated with our Weather Stations to aid pest and disease forecasting. Probes can also be positioned using RHIZA (Agrii’s precision farming service) field scans to create specific management zones.

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