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Farm Saved Seed

Quality seed without compromise

Better performance from Farm Saved Seed

Farm saved seed is an integral part of many farm businesses. Currently, approximately 45% of cereal seed planted is processed on farm.

Our team of farm saved seed specialists and agronomists can help you to identify the most suitable fields and crops for farm saving.

Our Farm Saved Seed business processes over 50,000 tonnes of seed via a nationwide fleet of modern, high capacity mobiles, incorporating modern batch treaters which ensure an accurate and even chemical application of today’s seed treatment products.

In addition to seed treatment and nutritional solutions, we offer comprehensive advice around varieties, drill dates and seed rates backed up by results through our nationwide network of iFarms and R&D sites.

Farm saving should be a planned approach and in conjunction with certified seed. Our permanent, qualified staff ensure our on-farm service applies the same attention to detail and professionalism as our certified seed plants.

What Makes Agrii Farm Saved Seed Different?

  • Our nationwide fleet of Mobile Seed Processors are operated by full time, experienced and qualified staff.
  • Our staff are co-ordinated locally by experienced BASIS-trained professionals to give you the best possible service and advice.
  • Our comprehensive range of seed treatments can be tailored to your individual needs.
  • We use a roller bed system allowing safe production.
  • Batch treaters highly maintained and monitored by CN Processing and Pro-Seed'.
  • A range of cleaning and advanced seed treatment options to enhance the quality and marketability of your grain. 

All of this coupled with the benefits of farm saving your seed, which include:

  • Known provenance of your seed
  • Seed cost savings and cash flow benefits
  • Timeliness
  • Flexibility around quantities and treatments
  • The thousand grain weight of your seed

Intro to Farm Saved Seed

Want to enhance the marketability of your crop?

Bulk Cleaning

Our mobile bulk-cleaning machines are fully self-contained with its own on board generator and high capacity rotary cleaner and grader.

They provide a very economical on-farm cleaning solution to most contaminant problems in combinable crops.

  • Handles all combinable crops
  • Premiums gained on cleaned samples
  • Cleaned samples can be treated for pests during process
  • 20 tonnes + per hour capacity

In some cases e.g. poor quality malting barley’s we can improve the quality from feed grade, back to malting specification. You retain valuable screenings which in most cases can be fed or sold. 

We offer three different cleaning systems:-

  • Bulk Rotary Cleaning
    Cleans and grades all combinable crops whilst leaving valuable screenings on farm. (throughput for wheat, approx. 20-25 tonnes per hour)

  • Bulk Colour Separation
    Screening and precise digital colour separation of contaminants. Primarily used for ergot removal from cereals and cleaning discoloured peas and beans.
    (throughput for wheat, approx. 12 tonnes per hour)

  • Modified Gravity Cleaning
    For speciality cleaning, e.g. organics, linseed for oil, ahiflower seed, millet etc. (throughput 2–5 tonnes per hour, for wheat, approx. 8-10 tonnes per hour)

All our cleaning machines are hired by the hour and are supplied with experienced and fully qualified operators

Colour separator

Our colour separator uses light refraction and compressed air to remove unwanted contaminants with minimal screenings difficult to remove using conventional cleaners.

Digital colour separation is particularly suitable and effective for ergot removal in your wheat, barley, oats and triticale crop. It is also effective for the removal of wild oats, sterile brome, pink tinted fusarium infected seed and other contaminants which are a different colour from your grain or pulses.

Why Choose Digital Colour Separation?

  • Enhance your crop value
  • Avoid costly crop penalties and additional haulage charges
  • Pre cleaning and seed treatment available as part of the process
    10 tonnes + per hour capacity

The below shows a cut away of the colour separator and how it uses light refraction and compressed air to eject unwanted contaminants.

Farm Manager, Richard Cobbald - Why I choose Agrii

Lab Testing Services

Agrii Farm Saved Seed provide lab testing either in-house or via NIAB laboratories.

Quality Tests

  • Germination
  • TZ viability (test result in 2 days)
  • Thousand grain weight
  • Full cereal, pulse and oilseed rape test packages available

Pathology Tests

  • Wheat: fusarium, Septoria and bunt
  • Barley: Leaf stripe, loose smut, net blotch
Agrii CTA Reserve Seeds

Explore Agrii Advanced Seed Treatments

Seed Treatments

Here’s what you can expect as standard from Agrii:

  • Significant seed input savings
  • Improved cash flow at critical time of the year
  • Seed produced to your specific requirement and standard
  • Seed available on time for optimum drilling dates
  • TGW testing at point of processing for greatest flexibility around quantities
  • Comprehensive lab test offer
  • Fully qualified, experienced operators
  • Bayer approved and tested seed treatment applicators
  • Comprehensive seed treatment offering – tailored to your specific requirements
  • Many operators BASIS trained for advising on the use of seed treatments
  • A complete focus on the Health & Safety of our staff and yours at all times


Variety List

Combinable Crops Farm-Saved Seed Payment Rates and Eligible Varieties 2023/24

Full FSS Variety List June 2023

Variety Rates

Farm Saved Seed Payment Rates 2023/2024

Full FSS List Rates June 2023



Farm Saved Seed FAQ's

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