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Winter Wheat

Agrii's Winter Wheat Varieties

We offer a wide range of Winter Wheat varieties for all soil types and farming systems. 

Browse our seed varieties below.

Browse Our Seed Varieties

(New) SY Cheer

Pedigree: KWS Tritinty X Expert

SY Cheer


Bread & Feed
Pedigree: C4148 X Hurricane

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KWS Zyatt

Bread & Export
Pedigree: Quartz X Hereford

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Bread & Export

Pedigree: Cordiale x Gulliver

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KWS Extase

Breeder: KWS UK

Type: Group 2 Milling, ukp Export & Feed

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KWS Palladium

Group 2 Milling & Feed

Pedigree: KWS Zyatt x KWS Trinity

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KWS Ultimatum

Group 2 Milling & Export

Pedigree: KWS Sterling x Timaru

KWS Ultimatum

(New) Bamford

Biscuit & Potential Distilling

Pedigree: Moulton X 129


LG Astronomer

Biscuit & Distilling

Pedigree: (Cougar x Leeds) x Britannia

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(New) Blackstone

Soft Feed and Potential Distilling

Pedigree: Panacea X Tempo



Soft Feed and Distilling

Pedigree: (Cassius x NAWW29) x KWS Santiago

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RGT Bairstow

Soft Feed & Distilling

Pedigree: (Revelation x KWS Santiago) x Cougar

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LG Tapestry

Soft Feed

Pedigree: Garrus x LG77

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(New) LG Beowulf

Hard Feed

Pedigree: Costello x Gleam

LG Beowulf

(New) Oxford

Hard Feed

Pedigree: DSV20122 x Reflection


KWS Dawsum

Hard Feed

Pedigree: KWS Kerrin x Costello

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Hard Feed

Pedigree: Evolution x Stigg

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LG Typhoon

Hard Feed

Pedigree: Garrus x LGW88

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Hard Feed

Pedigree: Expert x Premio

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Hard Feed

Pedigree: DSV20122 x Reflection

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KWS Cranium

Hard Feed

Pedigree: KWS Crispin x KWS Kielder

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SY Insitor

Hard Feed

Pedigree: (Hereford x Oakley) x Hereford

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RGT Grouse (BYDV)

Hard Feed

Pedigree: (12TC1062 x KWS Santiago) x KWS Santiago

RGT Grouse (BYDV)

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