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KWS Kerrin

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Type: Group 4, Hard Feed Pedigree: KWS W177 x KWS Santiago


KWS KerrinVariety Positioning

  • A classic ‘Santiago’ type with lots of yield but lower grain quality, although its specific weight is reasonable. Average untreated yields reflects its mediocre disease ratings but the acreage of the variety is set to double this autumn based on its high yield potential. It is also earlier to mature than Santiago.
  • Suitable for all regions except Scotland and it has performed well on both heavy and light soils. Like KWS Santiago it performs well in the main drilling widow, in the late drill slot
    and also as a second wheat. A medium tillering variety but it is still vigorous and is very competitiveness against black-grass. Medium height but with relatively weak straw and it requires a robust PGR programme. Consequently, fertile soils and early drilling should be avoided. It has medium maturity (+1).
  • Very weak on Septoria tritici (4.2), susceptible to Yellow Rust (6.1), Brown Rust (4.9) and moderately susceptible to Fusarium ear blight. Careful management is required and, while input costs will be high, the variety delivers consistently high yields.
  • It is resistance to Orange Wheat Blossom Midge.

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