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Breeder: Senova Printable PDF
Type: Group 4, Hard Feed Pedigree: Timaru x W151


CostelloVariety Positioning

  • Costello is widely seen as a genuine replacement for JB Diego with a slightly higher treated yield, a significantly higher untreated yield and a much improved disease resistance profile. It produces an exceptional sample with the highest specific weight and Hagberg of any variety on the Recommended List. While it is a hard feed wheat it may get accepted into low-grade milling for export at a 11.5% protein specification.
  • Costello will suit the ex-JB Diego grower and a livestock farmer looking for good grain quality and disease resistance. It performs very well across all regions and soil types and, like JB Diego, is a very stable variety. It is best suited to the main drilling window. It is probably best grown as a first wheat as it is not as high yielding as a second wheat.
  • Costello is a medium to high tillering variety with a medium speed of development. It is moderately competitive against black-grass and its maturity is very similar to JB Diego. With average height and stiff straw it even shows the necrotic tipping of the flag leaf that is characteristic of JB Diego.
  • The variety has excellent Mildew, Yellow Rust and good Septoria tritici ratings. It is not resistant to Orange Wheat Blossom Midge and Eyespot needs watching, and the Agrii Brown Rust rating (3.9) is much lower than the official list. Costello will act as a good Yellow Rust diversification partner.

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