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Spring Oilseed Rape

Agrii's Spring Oilseed Rape Varieties

We offer a wide range of Oilseed Rape (OSR) varieties for all soil types and farming systems.

Browse our varieties below.

Browse our Varieties Below


Breeder: Bayer CropScience

• Both hybrids have high gross output with Builder having marginally higher oil content and maybe slightly earlier than Dodger.
• Both have also been in the market for a couple of years.
• Relatively early to mature and short strawed.


Breeder: DSV

• Mirakel is the highest gross output vhariety on the 2017 Descriptive List. It has been in the market a couple of years and is slightly earlier than Doktrin, from the same breeder. Doktrin is slightly shorter in the straw.  Gross output figures have been comparable with the Bayer lines.
• Lumen is new for 2018. Very high gross output, high oil and good straw characteristics.

Contra CL

Breeder: Senova

• The main conventional variety in the market. Tamarin is the earliest variety available, an important characteristic for those trying to get
harvest as close as possible to a winter crop.
• Short and stiff strawed.

What is seed vigour?

The ability of the seedling to survive and grow under stressful conditions such as wet, dry, cold, compacted soil or generally less than ideal conditions is important.

We know for a fact that good germination does not necessarily equate to good vigour, but good vigour scores do equate to good establishment.

All spring rape seed stocks sold by Agrii have been tested for vigour and carry the ‘Vigour tested’ logo. The Agrii vigour test is unique to Agrii and associated businesses.


Technical advice for OSR Growers

Are you considering OSR? Read our 8-point plan for managing Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle

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8 Point Plan for CSFB Management

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