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Hyvido Bazooka

Breeder: Syngenta Printable PDF
Type: 6-Row Feed Hybrid Barley


BazookaVariety Positioning

  • The most widely grown hybrid barley variety on the Recommended List and the second highest yielding winter barley available just behind Belmont which is not as stiff and weaker on Brown rust.
  • Bazooka offers an opportunity to maximise yield particularly on lower potential sites, lighter soils, provide grass-weed competition on heavier soils and the earliest possible entry for oilseed rape. Hybrids are increasingly being considered for use in Anaerobic Digestion alongside hybrid rye.
  • A very stable hybrid that delivers consistent performance across all regions and soil types. Drill no earlier than 20th September and no later than the end of October. Low seed rates are needed to achieve 180 plants/m2 to maximise specific weight. As with all hybrids bring nitrogen use forward (30% at GS25, 50% at GS30/31, 20% at GS32/37) to support the early spring vigour and increase tillering, rooting and grain number set.
  • Medium erect with high tiller production and very high vigour. It is the tallest of all the hybrids and straw management can be an issue on arable farms unless it is baled and led away. More competitive than winter wheat and being increasingly adopted on farms with black-grass problems. Significant improvement in lodging resistance compared with Volume but it will still benefit from a good PGR programme using a trinexapac-ethyl based PGR programme (e.g. Alatrin Evo).
  • A major step forward in terms of disease resistance. Solid ratings against Rhychosporium, Brown Rust and Net Blotch but Mildew resistance has slipped to 4. Resistant to Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus.

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