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SY Thunderbolt

SY Thunderbolt

Variety Positioning

Very high yields in Agrii trials.
Improved disease resistance.

  • The highest yielding hybrid in Agrii trials (106% treated, 82% untreated) over the past two years.
  • In official trials it sits at the same yield level as SY Kingsbarn with a similar good specific weight (70.9 kg/hl).
  • In many respects it is similar to SY Kingsbarn but with slightly better disease resistance. However, its higher lodging scores may limit interest unless it can find a niche, for example, on lighter land or in less fertile situations.
  • Best performance has been in the East and West regions.
  • Similar in height to SY Kingsbarn (111 cm untreated, 104 cm treated) but it is the weakest of all of the hybrids (5 treated, 5 untreated).
  • Good resistance to mildew (7) (7), brown rust (6) (5), Rhynchosporium (6) (7) and net blotch (6) (6).
  • Resistant to barley yellow mosaic virus

Numbers in red – Agrii Advisory List data
Numbers in black – AHDB Recommended List data

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