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Variety Positioning

  • New to the Recommended List and gave high yields (101% treated, 86 untreated) in Agrii’s trials in 2021 and has performed similarly in AHDB trials with an average specific weight (68.6 kg/hl).
  • Performs well across heavy and lighter soil types and suitable for all regions of the UK. Relatively tall (83 cm treated, 95 cm untreated), average lodging resistance (6 treated, 6 untreated) and very early maturity. Its grassweed competitiveness is still under evaluation.
  • It has the best mildew (7) resistance of any variety on the list, and average ratings for Rhynchosporium (5) and net blotch (5) but a lower score for brown rust (5) than its official rating suggests (8). Resistant to Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus.


Numbers in red – Agrii Advisory List data
Numbers in black – AHDB Recommended List data

For detailed Agrii data and the latest disease scores speak to your local seed specialist or Agrii agronomist.