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Variety Positioning

  • The UK’s first 2-row winter barley with tolerance to BYDV. Not on the UK Recommended List but consistent high yields (96% treated, 83% untreated) in Agrii’s trials over the past three years.
  • It has a slightly better specific weight than KWS Orwell and relatively low screening losses. Suitable for the West and other areas where BYDV is a significant problem. Tall (91 cm treated, 95 cm untreated), moderately stiff straw and early maturity.
  • Reasonable resistance to mildew (6) and brown rust (5) but weak against Rhynchosporium (3) and net blotch (3). Resistant to Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus.


Numbers in red – Agrii Advisory List data
Numbers in black – AHDB Recommended List data


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