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SY Armadillo

SY Armadillo





6-row Hybrid

Not declared


A non-RL hybrid with high yields and excellent spec weight

Relatively stiff straw and very low brackling risk

Variety Positioning

  • High yields (105% treated, 81% treated) over the past two years in Agrii trials with an excellent specific weight (68.4 kg/hl) and a good variety to sit alongside Belfry. 

  • Suitable for all regions of the UK, all soil types and best drilled in the main drilling window through to the middle of October.

  • SY Armadillo has excelled on light land and, like all hybrid barley
    varieties, it is very competitive against grassweeds.

  • Tall (114 cm treated, 108 cm untreated) and relatively stiff (7) so this will be attractive to growers who have struggled to keep their hybrids standing.

  • Armadillo has also shown outstanding brackling resistance and far better than from any other hybrids. A robust PGR programme is still recommended. Medium maturity, similar to Belfry.

  • A strong combination of wet weather disease resistance, it has good ratings for mildew (5), Rhynchosporium (7), net blotch (5) but brown rust (4) needs watching. Resistant to barley yellow mosaic virus.

Numbers in bold – Agrii Advisory List data
Numbers in normal text – AHDB Recommended List data

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SY Armadillo

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