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Crop Marketing

We know crop marketing is a key factor in the farming equation

Grain markets are fast-moving volatile places. Making the right selling decisions at the right time is essential for every grower.

In order to support our farmer customers and maximise returns through grain sales as well as agronomy, Agrii has a well established partnership with grain marketing specialist, Viterra UK Limited, as well as our own specialist grain marketing division – GB Seeds.

Knowing when to sell is an integral part of maximising your margins. This is particularly important with those novel crops that many of us are only just starting to become familiar with.

Viterra UK Limited

Agrii works in partnership with Viterra UK Limited, a worldwide trader and consumer of cereals, pulses and oilseeds.

Viterra UK has port and storage facilities throughout the UK and strategic links with most feed and milling consumers in all regions.

Agrii’s extensive research in variety selection and crop husbandry coupled with Viterra UK’s detailed knowledge of the market, gives growers a selection of low risk, high output crop options.

Marketing choices include buy-back contracts, pool marketing or movement at harvest with an option to price later.

Growers can also use the Grainman sales and account management system to obtain prices and accept bids, view samples and monitor grain movements and payments.


GB Seeds

GB Seeds is the Specialist Grain Marketing division of Agrii, and specialises in working with added value crops and grains. You can download our latest information leaflet here..

GB Seeds have been working with added value grains for over 20 years. Working in different market spaces with multiple end-users, GB Seeds give growers the opportunity to diversify their cropping options while maximising opportunities for the value chain. As part of Agrii, this knowledge and advice is driven by Agrii R&D.

The current GB Seeds portfolio includes:

✚ Specialist cereals and legumes
✚ Naked oats (winter and spring)
✚ Maple peas
✚ Yellow peas
✚ Blue peas
✚ Linseed
✚ Food barley – find out more here
We’re continuously investigating and researching innovation crops – their feasibility and opportunities, in conjunction with Agrii Research and Development.

For more information about our work, routes to market and buyback opportunities please get in touch with Skye Van Heyzen at or visit



More farmers are growing different crop types and this inevitably puts pressure on storage. Agrii can advise on which crops are likely to appreciate in store and which are best to move at harvest. Crops can also be moved to store for specialist cleaning and drying and marketed later, or if the wheat is at contract specification,
moved direct to consumption but with the ability to price later when the market may be stronger.

Agrii is able to advise on optimum storage temperatures and moistures and use of storage chemicals to keep the crop stable in the barn.
Should the harvest be compromised by admixture such as Ergot, or suffer from high screenings, the Agrii fleet of grain cleaners, equipped with colour sorters and high capacity grain cleaning, can be a cost-effective way of improving grain quality.


Cash Flow

In order to avoid having to sell at a low price to generate cash, Agrii have mechanisms which can separate movement from pricing, either cash and carry deals (T’s and C’s apply), virtual storage or using options.


What Can Agrii Offer You?

Within our Crop Marketing offer with Viterra UK Ltd, Agrii can offer the following:

  • Pools or Funds, Target Pricing, bespoke marketing contracts to hedge and protect exposure to volatility.
  • Futures based, Fixed Price, Minimum and Minimum/Maximum contracts for premiums where applicable.
  • Commodity, exclusivity, and variety/ quality specific buy-back contracts.
  • Storage and movement contracts.

Managing Your Marketing Risk

Agrii supplies seed and agronomy on over 30% of the UK oilseeds crop. Viterra UK Ltd trades 30% of the global oilseeds crop. HOLL, cold crush, conventional and oilseeds export markets allow us to maximise grower returns when marketing produce via the Agrii/Viterra partnership.

This combined capability allows us our customers to outperform in a volatile market by providing more options to market their crops and a greater assurance of meeting market specifications.

For More Information

Please speak to a member of our Crop Marketing Team or use the ‘Ask us a question’ facility on this website to find out more.