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Agrii understands that crop marketing is a key factor in the farming equation

Grain markets are fast moving volatile places and making the right selling decisions at the right time is essential for every grower. To make sure we can offer our customers the best marketing solutions we have teamed up with two of the UK’s leading and most respected grain merchants.

In England and Wales Agrii and Glencore Agriculture work together to offer growers a range of marketing options to suit every situation, and in Scotland Agrii and Scotgrain combine to ensure farmers have a complete range of crop solutions.

Agrii’s extensive involvement in Research and Development combined with Glencore’s detailed knowledge of grains, oilseeds and pulse markets delivers results that are right for you.

The production and supply of these specialist quality crops can be offered on a range of buy-back contracts to include HEAR Oilseed Rape (Industrial), Beans (Human Consumption and Feed), Peas (Human Consumption and Feed) and Linseed (Industrial).

Along with our principal grain partners, Agrii also has relationships with a number of crop specific partners.

What Can Agrii Offer You?

Within our Crop Marketing offer with Glencore Grain and Scotgrain, Agrii can offer the following:

  • Pools or Funds, Target Pricing, bespoke marketing contracts to hedge and protect exposure to volatility.
  • Futures based, Fixed Price, Minimum and Minimum/Maximum contracts for premiums where applicable.
  • Commodity, exclusivity, and variety/ quality specific buy-back contracts.
  • Storage and movement contracts.

Managing Your Marketing Risk

Agrii supplies seed and agronomy on over 30% of the UK oilseeds crop. Glencore Agriculture trades 30% of the global oilseeds crop. HOLL, cold crush, conventional and oilseeds export markets allow us to maximise grower returns when marketing produce via the Agrii/Glencore partnership.

This combined capability allows us our customers to outperform in a volatile market by providing more options to market their crops and a greater assurance of meeting market specifications.

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For More Information

Please speak to a member of our Crop Marketing Team or use the ‘Ask us a question’ facility on this website to find out more.

Paul Taylor (Head of Crop Marketing) – Tel: 07525 234309

Edward Walsh (Crop Marketing Manager) – Tel: 07929 053289

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