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Breeder: Limagrain Printable PDF
Regional Suitability: UK wide Type: TuYV Conventional

Variety Positioning

  • Newly added to the Northern Recommended List but performed well across the UK in Agrii’s trials last year (104% treated, 45.3% oil). From the same breeder as Anastasia and Aardvark, it has already shown to have the best autumn vigour (8) of any of the conventional varieties over the past two years. It is likely to be the successor of Anastasia in the north and Aardvark in the E&W.
  • Relatively quick to grow away in the spring (7) which gives it one of the best growth habits to deal with tough autumn conditions and cabbage stem flea beetle attack for those who want to save their own seed. Suitable for all soil types. It is relatively short (132 cm), stiff (8) and good lodging resistance (8) and shows mid-maturity (5).
  • Good all-round disease resistance with light leaf spot (6) and phoma/canker resistance (6, AHDB). It shows average susceptibility to Verticillium wilt and, in spite of showing some symptoms, it appears to yield consistently well and clearly benefits from the TuYV resistance genetics.

Data source: and Agrii Advisory List


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