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Agrii-Start NP+ OSR

Formulated for the vigorous even establishment of winter oilseed rape crops


Key Benefits of Agrii-Start OSR

  • Agronomically correct – the starter fertiliser is designed to supply the correct autumn nutrients for OSR with the addition of Boron and Agrii Protected Phosphate (A.P.P.) to improve speed of emergence.
  • Made from R&D – from our extensive trials programme Agrii have developed a ‘starter fertiliser’ for OSR designed to replace traditional applications of DAP. DAP contains Nitrogen in the Ammonium form.
  • Two sources of N – the product is a formulation containing two forms of nitrogen – nitrate for rapid uptake plus ammonium which is stable in the soil and utilised over a longer phase of growth.
  • Benefits of two N sources – the nitrate formulation is designed to overcome situations where N cycling in the soil may be limited due to dry soil conditions, declining soil temperatures and immobilisation of Nitrogen due to lock up.
  • Boron inclusion and size matched – each granule of Calcined Ammonium Nitrate and DAP is size matched at source and coated with Wolftrax Boron.
  • Contains A.P.P. – proven to increase phosphate availability and GAI levels in the autumn. A.P.P. has been proven to be 87% more effective than standard phosphate treatments.
  • Cost effective – the product is a cost effective option against DAP and can be utilised at lower application rates applied either by Broadcasting or Placement drills.
  • Agrii-Start NP+ OSR is a unique formulation of Calcined Ammonium Nitrate and DAP. 
  • The Nitrate formulation is more effective in dry soils and when soil temperatures are starting to decline.

The Importance of Early Nutrition for OSR

NP+ OSR in the Field

The plants within the marked area were left untreated without any fertiliser demonstrating a reduced flowering window.

Tailored Nutrition from Root to Shoot

How starter fertilisers can help growers improve their gross margins and help the environment at the same time.

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