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UK Wide


High treated and untreated gross output

Fast vigorous growth habit in autumn and spring

Variety Positioning

  • A significant variety in the Agrii portfolio over the last few years, favoured for its consistently high treated gross output (105%), high untreated yields (95%) and a high oil content (46.3%) in Agrii trials.

  • It has delivered high yields on-farm in spite of not having the TuYV resistance trait.

  • It has been supported throughout by an innovative establishment programme to offset the risks of losses from cabbage stem flea beetle. InV1035 is marketed under BASF’s ‘InVigor’ brand to emphasise this important agronomic characteristic.

  • Indeed, InV1035 has shown outstanding autumn vigour over the past six years of testing by Agrii. It has a fast, vigorous autumn growth habit (7) and early spring regrowth (8) which is useful against slugs, pigeons and cabbage stem flea beetle.

  • Suitable for all regions of the UK and it can be grown across all soil types. Relatively short (151 cm) and a stiff canopy (8). Very early maturity (9) and carries the pod shatter resistance trait.

  • Its high untreated yields can be attributed to its excellent disease resistance profile which is hard to beat.

    It has one of the best disease resistance packages available with both RLM7 phoma/stem canker genetics (8) and an good light leaf spot (6) rating.

  • It also shows good tolerance of Verticillium stem stripe (7).

Numbers in bold – Agrii Advisory List data.
Numbers in standard text – AHDB Recommended List

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