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  1. It’s not too late – seed choices for late autumn
  2. Ease input cash flow
  3. Sulphur focus in oilseed rape – Fincham R&D site
  4. Upcoming Agrii Events for Autumn 2012
  5. Highlighting improvement opportunities – the Agrii Initiative
  6. Standing up for farming
  7. New Entry Level Stewardship options from January 2013
  8. SoilQuest get behind the combines – Harvest 2012
  9. Supporting growing decisions, Case study – Hush Heath Manor
  10. Vegetable herbicide trials on show

SoilQuest get behind the combines – Harvest 2012

Sam Fordham, SoilQuest – East Region

Well what a summer, I must have missed it! Despite the weather the SoilQuest team have been scanning right up behind the combines all over the eastern region. With additional new staff and new machines we have gobbled up lots of new farms, scanning 1000’s of hectares.

The team have kept up behind the combines and pushed on in front of the cultivators. Once the fields are scanned the sampling team have been busy soil sampling every zone enabling us to produce detailed nutrient maps, and in turn, allowing growers to target their nutrient applications to where they are required. The maps are not only used for identifying nutrient requirements, once the grower has got their SoilQuest conductivity maps alongside the agronomist knowledge there have been many other uses across the region. The biggest being variable seed rate right through to IrriQuest moisture probes being positioned in fields based on the soil conductivity maps.

The SoilQuest data really has lots of other uses on farm to help drive the efficiency of inputs. There is a lot more beyond nutrients we can use these maps for.

For more information on our SoilQuest Precision Agronomy service, please contact Stuart Alexander on 07889 413190 or

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