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New Varieties for Autumn 2012 Sowing

James Florey, Regional Seed Manager

New Varieties

Each year we see a new wave of varieties hit the market. Some hope to attract a wide audience whilst others look towards a more selective market. So what is available for 2012 and where might they fit for you?

Winter Wheat

Group 1

Crusoe is the new milling wheat from Limagrain and is certain to attract a great deal of interest, not just for its bright green appearance. It is on a par with Gallant in yield terms but is superior to both Gallant and Solstice on disease and has a good set of grain characteristics. It is slightly later but certainly worth a look. Limited seed availability so best to book early.

Group 2

There is nothing new to the Group 2 market this year, however expect to see Cordiale maintaining a good market share with people liking its early maturity and attractive premiums available. Ketchum will also have its place in the later drilled slot.

Group 3

Torch entered the list this year as the highest yielding soft wheat alongside Gravitas and Horatio but has the advantage of being a genuine biscuit wheat. It is earlier than most, has Orange Blossom Midge Resistance and strong grain characteristics. Yes, it is poor on Yellow Rust but so are varieties like Oakley and KWS Santiago and look at the market share they command. Providing the variety is managed properly and given a Fluquin’ seed dressing this variety looks set to perform.

Soft Group 4

Horatio is the new variety to this group. On a par with Gravitas on yield but slightly stiffer and earlier to mature. It has performed very well across a number of Agrii trials across the region and is seen as a step up in class for those currently growing Alchemy and Viscount.

Hard Group 4

In the hard feed wheat category Relay is the stand out variety. This variety was identified early by Agrii as a promising variety. Yield is close to the top of the list and with a very healthy set of disease scores including a 9 for Yellow Rust and 7 for Septoria it makes Relay a very solid looking variety. Couple this with a good Hagberg and Specific Weight it makes an ideal variety to be grown alongside KWS Santiago and JB
Diego in either a first or second wheat situation.

Winter Barley

There have been two new malting barley varieties added to the list, both of which are still under test. There has also been one new six row feed variety. However the variety of specific interest to our region is one that narrowly failed to get on to the list – California. This is a 2 row feed variety with yields comparable with KWS Cassia in the West but with lower screenings, better Rhynchosporium resistance and the best available straw strength.

With the added advantage of BaYMV resistance it makes California a sounds variety for any feed barley grower. Winter Oilseed Rape Hybrids Following its addition to the recommended list as an East / West variety DK Expower will again be in strong demand and will almost certainly take over from Excalibur as the number one variety in the UK. It has excellent early vigour giving it a wide drilling window and also has extremely good disease resistance  with a 6 for Light Leaf Spot and a provisional 9 for Stem Canker.

Candidate variety DK Excellium is a tall variety with fast leaf development, good Light Leaf Spot and excellent Stem Canker resistance. It has also shown to have far better Pod Shatter resistance than many other varieties. It has a very high gross output thanks to its high yield and very impressive oil content.

It is slightly later to mature than both Excalibur and DK Expower making it an ideal variety to grow alongside those two and spread the harvest window. The strong vigour of both DK Expower and DK Excellium coupled with their excellent disease resistance has seen them survive the winter  extremely well, unlike varieties such as PR46W21 which have notably suffered.

DK Explicit is a variety which has performed well in Dekalbs own FACT trials coming out top in 2011 for yield and with a very high oil content. Carrying the RLM 7 gene for Stem Canker as well as extremely good pod shatter resistance this is a variety to try for those looking for the very latest in hybrid production.


Like DK Excellium, KWS Quartz is a candidate variety with a very high gross output – 108% of control. A fast developing conventional with good Autumn vigour means that this variety can be drilled up to mid-September. Earlier to mature than both DK Cabernet and Sesame and with better disease score than DK Camelot, including a 9 for Stem Canker, makes Quartz a variety worthy of serious consideration.


V275OL and V280OL are two varieties in the High Oleic, Low Linolenic (HOLL) category. Delivering good premiums, these varieties are certainly worth considering. V275 produces gross output levels similar to Excalibur, and with tall, reasonably strong straw, medium-early  maturity, and good disease resistance to both Stem Canker and Light Leaf Spot. V280 produces a yield slightly below that of V275 but does produce oil with a lower Linolenic Acid content meaning there is lower risk of  produce not meeting contact standards. It is similar in height, straw strength and disease resistance to V275 but is slightly later in maturity.

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