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  1. Getting to Grips with Early Wheat Management
  2. Looking forward in 2013
  3. Local Agronomy Outlook
  4. Pull it up or leave it alone?
  5. Farm Saved Seed – a positive alternative to Certified Seed
  6. Agrii R&D insight – Soil Management For Blackgrass Control
  7. Information Overload – It’s Decisions That Count
  8. AgriiFocus Update

Information Overload – It’s Decisions That Count

Today’s world is brimming with information – whether you choose to get yours on-line, in-print or at a meeting, there’s a wealth of valuable data available to those who seek it out.
‘Information is King’ we hear, and without doubt it is vital component for any modern business seeking to succeed in a competitive market place.

However, information on its own is just information and these days it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data available.

Identifying the facts that are relevant and using them to inform decisions that improve productivity needs to be the goal. This is why Agrii is making significant investment into our Decision Support Services – to ensure that our agronomists and customers not only have access to the best information, but are able to consistently translate that information into more profitable business decisions on farm.

Using information about soil structure to better utilize fertiliser inputs and providing accurate, local weather data to predict pest and disease problems are two examples of how Agrii Decision Support Services are working with growers to better inform management practices that lead to high performing crops.

Hush Heath Manor, led by Richard Balfour-Lynn and assisted by Estate Manager Stefan Turner, is a farm comprising of 240ha, some of which is used for the production of apples and wine grapes. During a recent expansion of the enterprise, the management team approached Agrii Agronomist Neil Obbard to examine ways to fine-tune the timing of pesticides and fertiliser in order to maximise the return on the farm’s input spend. Neil recommended the installation of a weather station to provide access to live meteorological feeds and pest and disease prediction data through the use of a range of various computer models.

With their new weather station installed, the farm now receives three emails a week that detail disease pressure (past and predictive) on a local scale and also highlight potential spraying windows in the coming days. This is backed by text message disease alerts and 24/7 mobile access to check current conditions; it all adds up to a very valuable weapon in the decision making process.

Not only has the weather station saved the farm money by modelling pest and disease pressures with the crops being grown, but it has also provided a platform for more accurate timing of inputs to maximise return on investment.

To learn more about Agrii’s Decision Support Services please consult your agronomist or the contacts below.

Weather Stations Network

Agrii Weather Stations collect and record weather data which is used to more accurately forecast pest and disease pressure, ensuring Agrii agronomists and customers have an extra weapon in effective crop protection.

Contact: Neil Obbard
Tel: 07885 252418

SoilQuest Precision Agronomy System

By combining precision farming data with the expert knowledge of our agronomists, our SoilQuest services can be tailored specifically to your business.

Contact: John Lord
Tel: 07918 054765

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Soil Moisture Monitoring can provide multi-depth soil moisture information which can be linked to soil management zones, enabling more efficient use of water and help optimise yield on your farm.

Contact: Nick Winmill
Tel: 07798 893755

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