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  1. Living Without Neonicotinoids
  2. Event Update Previews
  3. Spring Crop Options
  4. Grant Opportunity – Don’t miss out
  5. Greater Precision in Soil Understanding
  6. Nutrition trials deliver significant benefits

Grant Opportunity – Don’t miss out

The third round of the FFIS grant is available to apply for from 4 Feb – 4 April.  This grant, among other things gives 40% aid towards GPS equipment on tractors used for fertiliser application and is therefore a sort after aid. There are many other items that are included other than GPS, other key areas of interest in the last few years have been reservoirs, animal handling, sheep ID, water harvesting tanks and roofing manure heaps and slurry stores.

The main points have been summarised below:

There are 5 themes in FFIS:-

If you are interested in knowing more about this grant opportunity, please get in touch with Simon Rollinson on 07768 865084 or

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