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  1. Building better Agri Intelligence
  2. Grateful for rain on the 15 tonne plots
  3. Welcome to our Summer 2012 ‘Journal’
  4. Cotswold challenges
  5. Agrii launch new environmental development site
  6. Agrii Farm Saved Seed Processing Service
  7. Agrii at the heart of Grassland
  8. New Varieties for Autumn 2012 Sowing
  9. Agronomy plus Precision
  10. Promoting Stewardship
  11. Combined research adds value
  12. Local innovation at AgriiFocus
  13. Future thinking, traditional values
  14. Take Off boost for Wheat and OSR

Future thinking, traditional values

Mark Thomas, Head of Marketing & Communications

UK agriculture is being asked to respond to a global ‘call to action’. Produce more food, but do it cheaply, sustainably and to the highest levels of safety and stewardship, within a bureaucratic framework devised in Brussels.

It adds up to a significant challenge – for farmers, advisers and for the whole industry. We are all having to ‘raise our game’ to manage a new level of complexity and find the advances and efficiencies that will be required for future success.

It was against this back-drop that UAP and Masstock combined to form Agrii. Two established agronomy-led organisations who shared a similar philosophy – to provide our agronomists and their customers with an  innovative pipeline of new technologies and approaches to growing systems that allow them to significantly out-perform existing practices.

This remains our vision for Agrii. As you will have read in Clare Bend’s article, innovation is our foundation and will be the focus for a major investment programme over the next five years, to help plug the ‘knowledge gap’ and equip our customers with the best ‘agri-intelligence’ to achieve year on year improvements to the productivity of your arable enterprise.

But the benefits of innovation can only be achieved when applied appropriately to individual farming situations and this is the role of our local agronomy teams. These longstanding, trusting and loyal relationships between agronomists and their customers often span generations, and this is a responsibility we do not take for granted.

Agrii will only succeed if what we provide through these relationships helps you, our customers, to remain  successful. Key to this is a local network of product specialists, distribution teams and other personnel, who understand farming in your area and who work together, with our agronomists, to help you with all aspects of your farming.

Local relationships, innovation and an ‘agronomy plus’ approach is what defines Agrii – and it is why we have reflected these core values in our new identity.

Thank you for supporting Masstock and UAP during this time of change and for the business you place with Agrii. To learn more about what we stand for, please visit our website at

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