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  1. Getting to Grips with Early Wheat Management
  2. Fresh approach to fruit trials by Agrii
  3. Focus on Soil Management for Black-Grass Control
  4. Pull it up or leave it alone?
  5. Farm Saved Seed processing on farm – a positive alternative to Certified Seed
  6. Information Overload – It’s Decisions That Count
  7. Looking Forward in 2013

Farm Saved Seed processing on farm – a positive alternative to Certified Seed

Farm Saved Seed is very well worth considering this spring – it’s an integral part of many farm businesses. 40% of all combinable crops are planted using Farm Processed Seed and at least 50% of farmers in the UK use a Farm Saved Seed service every year for a proportion of their seed.

For most farmers in the UK cropping plans for this spring have changed dramatically – many farmers  are not able to access their preferred varieties of cereals or pulses as Certified Seed – the choice is limited. For those who still have spring seed which has not been sold or committed could benefit from farm saving their seed this Spring – it’s a positive alternative to Certified Seed and a sure way of having seed on farm when you are able to drill.

There will be many eleventh hour decisions about drilling late wheats and subsequently deciding on an alternative cropping strategy. Choice of spring crops for saving and drilling, if available to your farm business, could be Spring Barley, S Wheat and S Oats : Spring Beans, Linseed, Oilseed rape and Peas.

Before processing any farm seed it would be prudent, after such difficult growing and harvesting conditions, to take a sample to test for standard germination (8-10 days) or a tetrazolium viability and vigour test  –  the result of which could be emailed to you within 4 days.  If S Beans are to be saved for seed its essential to ask for a stem nematode test first before continuing with other bean tests. Please ask for further advice from your agronomist or the Farm Saved Seed team on how to get the appropriate sample bags and type of test required. Agrii can advise on the most appropriate and cost effective seed treatment for this spring.

The Agrii Farm Saved Seed business processes over 30 thousand tonnes of seed a year via its nationwide fleet of 20 modern, high capacity, self contained mobile units.  The machines are operated by qualified, experienced and motivated staff who can help you produce seed on farm to your specification. Farm saving is worth considering in conjunction with Certified Seed – the mobile service provides the same attention to detail and professionalism as our certified seed plants.

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