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  1. Winter Barley the better choice for oilseed rape entry?
  2. Cotswold preview from Oliver Fairweather
  3. Wilton preview from Thomas Goodman
  4. ‘Volatility’ remains at the heart of the grain market in this new era
  5. R&D Day gives food for future OSR thought
  6. AgriiFocus Update

Cotswold preview from Oliver Fairweather

The Cotswold Event will be held this year on the afternoon and early evening of Wednesday 10th July at the Cotswold Farm Park. We will be looking closely at the Oilseed Rape variety and establishment plots as we look to see the effects that this seasons un-predictable weather conditions have had on the rape crop and if any varieties have looked to have coped better than others before being taken through to yield by the plot combine.

Due to the difficult autumn conditions the Winter Wheat plots were not established at the site this year. However, we will be covering a topical update on this and next year’s wheat crop at the event. Replicated spring barley plots have been established at the site for the first time this season after a number of years requesting some yield results from the Cotswold brash soils from our local farmers. We will be taking a look at the plots which were established in the first week of April and discussing varieties, markets and end users. Following the event we would be glad if you would join us for the usual summer BBQ and drinks at the site.

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