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  1. Are there any lessons to be learnt?
  2. Dates for your diary – Trial Events Autumn / Winter 2012
  3. Regional nutrition trials fill the gap
  4. From Smart Farms to R&D Sites
  5. Brackley OSR trials – a cut above the rest!
  6. Testing conditions in South Wales
  7. Standing up for farming
  8. Agrii Launch E-Journal
  9. Fertiliser finance with Agrii
  10. Agrii supports official trials system for grass and clover varieties
  11. Establishing crops for 2013
  12. AgriiFocus – Western Technology Centre
  13. What’s happening at your local Agrii autumn event?

Brackley OSR trials – a cut above the rest!

Greg Taylor, Agrii Agronomist

A PGR system trial was part of the ongoing work into canopy management and the desire to increase OSR yields at Brackley this year. There were a number of fungicides with growth regulatory properties trialed. However, as well as chemical control, cutting of the main raceme at green bud stage took place to effect branching out of the plant. This had some visual effects during the growing season including a shorter yellow petal stage, increased branching and zero lodging.

In the plots with Excellium at 35 seeds/m2, there was a positive effect on crop height as well as pod numbers and also showed positive correlation between height difference and yield, and also number of pods per plant and yield. Cutting of the main raceme gave 15% yield increase and a 14% increase in pods, where increasing the use of triazoles increased yield by 16% and the number of pods by 10%.

We are continuing with this trial for the 2013 crop.

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