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  1. Winter Barley the better choice for oilseed rape entry?
  2. Cotswold preview from Oliver Fairweather
  3. Wilton preview from Thomas Goodman
  4. ‘Volatility’ remains at the heart of the grain market in this new era
  5. R&D Day gives food for future OSR thought
  6. AgriiFocus Update

AgriiFocus Update

With the AgriiFocus open day on 4th July fast approaching, Dr Syed Shah (AgriiFocus R&D Manager) takes a looks at each crop on trial this summer. We look forward to seeing you there!

Winter Wheat

We succeeded in getting all our winter wheat trials drilled on 30th and 31st October 2012 at AgriiFocus, Swindon. However, adverse weather conditions (low temperature and poor light) not only had a negative effect on plant survival but also on crop growth and development. Our main priority was to do everything to retain the survived plants, to encourage rooting and to maximise tillering. We decided to apply early nitrogen (50 kg ha-1 in February), (Quark 0.6 l ha-1), Human Extra (1 l ha-1) and Meteor (1.5 l ha-1) in mid March. These treatments and improved weather conditions (warm temperature and sun light) have enabled different varieties to produce tillers and to increase their green leaf area. Most of the varieties have tillered well and there are some interesting differences among varieties in our variety trial at AgriiFocus. Amongst the varieties, Dickens, Crusoe, Gallant, Cocoon and a few new varieties have established well. I would like to invite you to visit our main AgriiFocus day on 4th and (5th) July to look at our various trials on crop nutrition, fungicide programmes, 15 ton challenge trial and various other trials.

Winter Barley

Our winter barley plots were drilled on 30th Oct 2012 and unlike the wheat, the plots are looking excellent. Most of the varieties have produced 4 to 6 tillers. There are some interesting differences among conventional and hybrid varieties and I will encourage you to come and visit AgriiFocus on 30th May to look at our winter as well as spring barley trials (30 varieties each). Please contact your local agronomist for further details.

Oilseed Rape

Winter oilseed rape trials were drilled on three occasions on 3rd, 13th and 25th September 2012. Most of the trials were drilled on 13th September and have established well, did not suffer much from pigeon damage except a few trials where pigeons caused severe leaf damage. Improved weather condition has resulted in increased crop growth and development and most of the varieties are at BBCH 55. In our variety trial in which we are investigating 84 different oilseed rape varieties, the varieties DK Expower, DK Excellium and Rhino are looking better in terms of green area and growth stage than other varieties. We look forward to seeing you at one of our open days.

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