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Providing integrated whole farm solutions

Plant Protection Products (PPPs) have been key for growing profitable and healthy food. However, their availability and efficacy are gradually declining, posing a threat to future food production.

We recognise that to maximise yields efficiently, the industry needs to reduce reliance on PPPs for controlling weeds, pests and diseases. A future with less reliance on these products is one with increasing adoption of integrated whole farm solutions.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) works to prevent, monitor and control damaging organisms using a range of cultural and biological methods. Agrii has always supported IPM principles, which are now rising up the political agenda, to the heart of sustainable food production.

Access the report:

Agrii Green Horizons Insight Report 3: Providing Integrated Whole Farm Solutions

Insight Report 3 describes our work towards reducing reliance on crop protection chemistry, and considers:

  • Cultural controls
  • Genetic advancements
  • Biosolutions
  • Crop protection chemistry
  • Digital tools
  • Soil health enhancers

In more detail, Insight Report 3 covers the following areas of Agrii’s work:

  • IPM focused research trials – currently 85% of the trials that Agrii carries out include an element of IPM. We aim to ensure that all of our R&D is IPM driven over the coming years. This will enable our agronomists to advise the best approaches for crop management.
  • Variety Sustainability Ratings – Agrii’s single greatest R&D investment is in variety development. We have recently translated the information from our Agrii Advisory List into ‘Variety Sustainability Ratings’ or VSR. These ratings consider many factors such as pest and disease resistance and yield stability. VSRs simplify variety choice for farmers, ensuring that the most efficient and resilient option is recommended.
  • Agronomy advice – we are working towards being able to offer climate tolerant break crops and associated agronomy advice by 2023, to help boost farm sustainability and productivity.
  • Biosolutions – utilising the cutting edge science of the specialist laboratory and glasshouse facilities at our sister company at our sister company, Fortgreen, we are screening the largest possible range of biosolutions for fast-tracked field trials at our Technology Centres and iFarms across the country. Insight Report 3 will provide an in-depth analysis of this work. Agrii customers can also ask their agronomists for a copy of ‘Biosolutions Explained’ our Agrii external technical report on the subject.
  • Establish recognised metrics on PPP use – we will work with a range of stakeholders to establish a set of metrics on the use pattern of PPPs in order to validate and confirm the widespread adoption of IPM.