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Upcoming iFarm events

iFarms are a network of sites across the UK, kindly hosted by Agrii clients, where local farmers and growers can view demonstrations of new agronomic innovations and discuss how they can be put into practice on farm.

You can view the location for each iFarm site here


Region Location Date
South AgriiFocus OSR Event 1st May 2019
South Wales Winter Barley Event 28th May 19
Newton Purcell 5th June 19
Dorset 6th June 19
Stow Longa 17th June 19
South Wales Summer Event 18th June 19
Lenham 19th June 19
Brackley 20th June 19
Bedfordia 21th June 19
Ludlow 24th June 19
Stow Longa 25th June 19
Bucks establishment event 25th June 19
Wellington 26th June 19
Throws Farm 26th June 19
Winderton 27th June 19
AgriiFocus Summer Event 3rd July 19
Callow (in conjunction with Bayer) 4th July 19
Stow Longa 4th July 19
Stow Longa 8th July 19



Region Location Date
North Longhirst (WOSR) 7th May 2019
Holderness (WOSR) 9th May 2019
Bishop Burton (WOSR + cover crops) 13th May 2019
Chirnside (WOSR) 14th May 2019
Kintore (WOSR + Cereals) 16th May 2019
Fincham 6th June 19
Leadenham 14th June 19
Stenton 15th June 19
Brotherton 17th June 19
Holderness (Sunk Island) 18th June 19
Bishop Burton 19th June 19
Chirnside 25th June 19
Carnoustie 26th June 19
Longhirst 27th June 19
Black Isle 2nd July 19
Kintore 3rd July 19


For more information on one of the above iFarm event dates, please use the ‘Ask us a question’ facility on this website.