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04 Nutrition Rural Communities Rural Community Champions Shortlisted Wed like to say a big thank you to everyone who nominated their local heroes as part of our Rural Community Champions Project. The competition has now closed and we received nominations from all over the country for people doing a vast range of different things to help their local communities to thrive. Twenty local winners were chosen from all of the entries each of whom has been sent a small prize of 50. These twenty local winners were then shortlisted down to three nalists one from each Agrii region north west and east. The overall winner will be chosen from these three nalists by customers at Agriis summer events. You can visit one of the following events to vote for your favourite You can read more about the twenty local winners and our three nalists on our website at and in local press. Bishop Burton 17th June Throws Farm 29th June 3rd July Stafford 30th June AgriiFocus 8th July Culbokie 8th July Facing the Fertiliser Volatility Challenge N o year is ever the same in the world of fertiliser and the UK fertiliser market represents such a small part in the global economics of fertiliser trading. The entire UK Nitrogen market represents 3 days of global production for our annual supply of Nitrogen A big challenge for on farm prices for the fertiliser year 2015 will be currency usually supply and demand has the greatest inuence and this will be either the to the dollar or the Euro to the dollar. Urea is currently trading at a ve year low but shipped prices are being held up due to currency rates. If we look back 12 months the to the was 1.70 today currency sits at 1.50 . This difference in currency rates adds 20tonne to the price of fertiliser and in a general election year the strength of the will determine the bottom in urea prices. Granular Urea the most globally traded Nitrogen product largely depends on supply and demand factors. Fertiliser demand always continues to grow as developing countries learn better techniques on growing crops along with a growing population. The supply and demand balance is certainly getting a lot closer and looking at proposed production around the world the balance will get even closer. Historic forecasts were always looking at increased production in the Middle East and North Africa due to their cheap gas supplies however due to the development of fracked gas there is a strong growth in new proposed production plants in the US. Political stability has always hindered production from Middle Eastern countries and investment from global businesses in these regions at times has proved difcult to see a return on investment. Particularly Egypt who constantly suffer from Gas issues and political unrest hindering potential production. In principle there are close to 40 new fertiliser plants proposed for development in the US but in reality only 20 of these will actually be commissioned. A shiny new fertiliser plant will cost somewhere in the region of 1.6 billion USD and many global businesses are looking to invest in North American gas production. With the US becoming a potential net exporter of fertiliser we could start to see a change in global trade ows of fertiliser and the UK and European markets could see more variation in urea types. Ammonium Nitrate remains the product of choice for UK farmers. Agrii are the largest supplier of GrowHow Nitrogen and NPKS compounds. GrowHow products are manufactured using the latest abatement technology and provide a lower carbon footprint in terms of manufacture. Having a domestic manufacturer of Nitrogen does help guarantee supply and a key message to farmers is to manage their risks from price volatility. According to the latest BSFP British Survey of fertiliser practice Nitrogen rates in 2014 increased and Agrii as a business also recognised an increase in Nitrogen rates during the 2014 season. This increase in Nitrogen was due to crop potential and as a result we measured signicantly higher yields as a result of increased Nitrogen use. The UK Nitrogen market for the 2015 season looks to be back slightly circa 5 and the PK market looks to be back 8-10 as farmers cut back on PK usage. Below is a chart from the latest BSFP highlighting fertiliser usage since 1983. Agrii can provide you with all of your nutrition requirements and we are backed up by strong RD in crop nutrition. This is supported by sound agronomic advice from agronomists nutrition specialists and fertiliser managers. Agrii provide highly competitive nance packages with exible payment options to help manage cash ow. For more information please contact your local agronomist or call our fertiliser department on 01277 898201.