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SY Tunsgten

Breeder: Syngenta UK Download pdf
Type: Potential Distilling, Brewing and Feed (Scotland) Pedigree: RGT Planet x Ovation

Variety Positioning

  • Very high yields (107% treated, 97% untreated) in official trials with provisional MBC Approval for distilling and brewing and a new addition to the Scottish Recommended List last spring. It was also the highest yielding distilling-type in Agrii’s Northern trials (107% treated, 97% untreated) over the past two years. It is becoming popular and accounts for over 6% share of the certified seed market.
  • A good specific weight (67.7 kg/hl) with a slight improvement over Laureate and RGT Planet. However, it also has shown relatively high screening losses (4.7% <2.5mm).
  • Performs well in all regions with particularly strong performance in the North and suitable for all soil types. Relatively short (72 cm), reasonably stiff straw (7), good brackling resistance (8) and slightly later maturity, similar to LG Diablo.
  • Good resistance against mildew (9) but relatively weak compared with the other leading varieties against Rhynchosporium (4) and brown rust (4). Moderately susceptible to net blotch in Agrii’s trials.
  • Further information from the breeder can be found here

The data presented here is a partial abstraction from the AHDB Recommended List. The complete data set is available on the AHDB website here