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A fast, accurate lime and fertiliser
testing service, tailored to your needs

R&T Liming is the only nationwide liming business offering a full testing and spreading service. With twenty salesmen spread throughout England and Wales, we can offer a fast and efficient service at a moment’s notice.

An established firm, with over forty years’ experience in soil testing and pH correction, we are well placed to test and advise on your needs.

As farming inputs continue to rise, now is the time to make best use of your soils potential by testing for all nutrient status – pH, P, K and Mg.

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PH Testing

R&T continues to use the most reliable method of pH testing – mixing soil samples in the field with BDH indicator.

This testing is carried out by our fieldsmen, he will then provide a hand drawn map of the areas that are deficient in lime.

R+T also carry out fertiliser testing to provide results for P, K, Mg and Nitrogen levels in the soil.


Lime Products

R&T’s core business is correcting soil acidity through lime spreading. Depending on your location, this would be with screened limestone or chalk. However we also offer a range of other materials:

Magnesium Limestone: The perfect material for using on soils that are deficient in magnesium. Treating acidity and low Mg indices together, it is a one pass treatment for two problems.

Granulated Lime: Supplied by OMYA, comes in 600kg bags and is ideal for growers to spread themselves. Prilled – just as standard fertiliser – it enables growers to treat areas where bulk lime is not practicable.

Gypsum: Has many applications that include the improved friability of soils, the provision of sulphur and calcium as plant nutrients, the reduction of excess magnesium availability and the enhancement of skin finish in root crops. In addition, it has a proven value as an antibacterial treatment in cattle bedding.

Basic slag: Recognised as a ready supply of phosphate. Together with it’s neutralising value – equivalent to a tonne of lime – this can provide an additional benefit beyond micro elements.

Through our excellent network of UK quarry supplies, we can also supply aggregate suitable for driveways and hard standing areas.

Just call your nearest R&T contact for more details on any of the above products.



For general enquiries please call 01487 823888 or contact your local R&T representative below:

Contact Phone Number
1. Devon Office 01487 823888
2. David McLeod 07771 918236
3. Kent Office 01487 823888
4. Thomas Brothers 07875 170028
5. Dean Llewellyn 07887 419663
6. Martin Jenkins 07785 388408
7. Andrew Davies 07980 915903
8. Jon Keegan 07771 918231
9. John Prentis 07771 918250
10. James Smith 07974 720486
11. David Pack 07890 901555
12. Miles Roe 07771 918220
13. John Dixon 07771 918210
14. John O’Shea 07771 918251
15. Simon Medwell 07802 291662
16. Digby Burley 07885 723750
17. Lancashire Office 01487 823888
18. John Loates 07850 353375
19. Cambridgeshire Office – Caroline Denney 01487 823888 / 07790 865550
20. Roland Sherritt 07719 583375


R&T Liming Office Address: Lime House, 12 High Street, Warboys, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE28 4JH