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KWS Irina

Breeder: KWS UK Printable PDF
Type: Brewing & Export Pedigree: Conchita x Quench


Variety Positioning

  • After a slightly uncertain start Irina has found a place in the market for both the malting and the feed markets. A reasonable alternative to Propino, Laureate and Planet with similar premiums into harvest 2018 UK malting markets. Irina now seems to be accepted both home and abroad and agronomically it offers some advantages over its competitors.
  • Harvest 2017 has proven to be a testing year for standing power for many spring barley varieties and it is clear that Irina is the stiffest (and shortest) variety in the market – this was confirmed in Agrii’s own trials. It also has the best rating on the 2017 list for Brackling.
  • Its yield is comparable with Laureate and Planet but specific weight is generally a little lower. Rhynchosporium resistance is also a little lower than these two. But the standing power and yield do make it a good alternative for feed growers particularly those with exposed fields or fertile conditions.

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