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Breeder: Agrii (Secobra) Printable PDF
Type: Feed Pedigree:  Quench x Belgravia


Variety Positioning

  • A good choice for livestock farmers who want to combine consistently high yields of grain with plenty of straw. One of two varieties with the highest straw yields from trials carried out by the Department of Agriculture in Northern Ireland. Equally it has one of the highest specific weights on the 2017 list at 69.7 kg/hl and one of the lowest screening losses. Its best performance has been in the West but has also found favour in the North.
  • Medium height, one of the stiffest and excellent Brackling resistance too. All highly desirable characteristics given the quantity of straw and to top it off it also has early  maturity.
  • Good Mildew resistance but otherwise average and its Rhynchosporium resistance is slightly weaker than the Recommended List suggests.


The data presented here is a partial abstraction from the AHDB Recommended List. The complete data set is available on the AHDB website here