Concerto - Spring Barley - Agrii
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Breeder: Limagrain UK Printable PDF
Type: Distilling (Scotland) Pedigree: Minstrel x Westminster


Variety Positioning

  • Concerto has been the leading variety in the Distilling market for many years and seed supplies will probably mean it will retain that position for 2018 harvest.
  • Concerto is best suited to medium or heavier soils and can be drilled early. Relatively tall with only moderately stiff straw and good Brackling resistance. PGR is not usually required but if the lodging risk is high consider Moddus to stabilise tillers and promote root development. Mid-late maturity.
  • The longer days and higher light levels in Scotland help achieve the low nitrogen specification (<1.65%). Good disease resistance package although it is very susceptible to Rhynchosporium and therefore needs to be monitored and sprayed for as appropriate.

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