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How we can help your biogas enterprise:

  • Provision of SEED, NUTRITION and crop protection products
  • Provision of silage and slurry ADDITIVES and advice and data on their best use
  • Services to improve SOIL HEALTH and target nutrition
  • Information and data on maximising GAS YIELD per hectare
  • Advice on increasing the SUSTAINABILITY and resilience of your business
  • FEEDSTOCK crop selection and management advice based on R&D

agri biogas solutions for agriculture and energy

Focus on: HYBRID RYE

  • Utilising data from our Brotherton iFarm site, Agrii can advise on best practice recommendations for both variety choice and crop management in hybrid rye.
  • Hybrid rye is an increasingly popular choice for improving the performance of anaerobic digestion plants.
  • It is a useful substrate all year round and can be used to balance the high productivity of energy beet or maize substrates, providing an alternative nutrient source for the bacteria in the digester and stabilising gas output.
  • When used alongside maize, rye has a synergistic effect in the biogas plant, by increasing methane yield and reducing retention time.

CASE STUDY: Agrii Brotherton iFarm

20 miles east of Leeds, Agrii’s Brotherton iFarm is home to an extensive Agrii R&D trials facility, which focuses
primarily on hybrid rye, forage rye, winter wheat, triticale and also maize.

The trials are specifically designed to supply leading technical management recommendations as well as screening many new
genetic lines on an annual basis.

In addition to collating the UK’s leading detailed agronomic data, we are also able to gain in-depth methane production analysis from the 500kW AD plant that is based at the iFarm.

Throughout the year, iFarm events and tours take place at the site to demonstrate the most up to date developments which
can range from information on drilling date, seed rates and variety traits to input programmes.

Feedstock and digestate additives

  • DIGEST-IT® is a biological slurry and digestate additive designed to increase nutrient recovery while reducing ammonia emissions.
  • SILO-KING® is a forage additive used to help growers retain greater quantity, reduce dry matter losses in storage and provide greater feed efficiency to livestock and gas production.