Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6Regional update 03 W e’re pleased to be sponsoring the field day at this year’s Nuffield Scholars’ conference. The overriding theme of this year’s event is ‘Small Island: BIG IDEAS’ and a series of visits and events will showcase the very ‘Best of British’ in farming, food and our diversified rural landscape. More information from www.nuffieldscholar. org/conference. A grii is proud to be sponsoring the Fruiterers Conference on 16th March in Westminster. There are some fantastic speakers on the agenda, including the Rt Hon Michael Jack CBE, Professor Bill Davies CBE, Alison Capper, John Pelham (Andersons Midlands) and John Shropshire OBE. The afternoon session includes a debate led by Professor David Hughes on tomorrow’s marketplace, including the psychology of the consumer. Info: Fruiterers Conference Maize Kicka: Working in your field Alistair King, Agrii Fertiliser Manager M aize Kicka has been designed as a starter fertiliser with the nutrients required enabling the crop to develop rapidly from an early stage. It is also treated with P-Reserve, to prevent lock up and therefore makes more phosphate available for the crop. Cost effective against DAP, Maize Kicka is available in both 600kg and 25kg packs to ensure you only purchase the amount needed for your crop area. Please speak to your usual agronomist or your local fertiliser contact for more information (details on the back page). Nuffield International Triennial Conference and Field Tours: 3rd-16th June, 2017 Kent Maize Kicka Treated v Untreated plots in 2009 T he autumn work at Stow Longa went very well with good establishment of the plots across the site. No doubt that we still have blackgrass on the site where expected! (photo below) The scope of the trials has been increased even further for this season and demonstrates year three of the catch/cover crop work involving single species and cultivations. This year we’re looking at winter wheat and barley, plus spring wheat, barley, oats, linseed, peas and beans. Steve Corbett will lead growers and agronomists through this work at events during the season. The environmental area continues – can this be part of a cultural control package? Rotation trials work features strongly looking at the impact of blackgrass seed return after different crops last year, with subsequent drilling this season of winter beans, winter wheat, spring oats and spring barley. On top of this, cultivation and cover crop strategies are also included in the six hectares of work. How do we pull all of these ideas together as part of the fight against blackgrass? This is currently shaping up very nicely with large differences in blackgrass levels already and I will carry on this debate in the field at forthcoming events in 2017. Our long term crop competition work continues with two drilling dates featuring again, still including winter barley as an option… David Felce will concentrate on macro and micro nutrition again this season. From a very useful start to this part of the programme last year, the best of the ideas are included again alongside some new programmes building on the data and test results from 2016. There is also no doubt that soil structure debates will be had across the three main areas of the site and soil health will enter the debate…! plus spring wheat, Update from the Stow Longa Technology Centre Colin Lloyd, Head of Agronomy Steve Corbett, Trials Manager, looking at the plots at Stow Longa