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Why Choose Liquid Fertiliser

The benefits of liquid fertiliser

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Liquid Fertiliser offers a safe, secure and simple solution.

There are a number of reasons why more and more farmers are choosing liquid fertiliser. All points of delivery, storage and application of liquid fertilisers are designed to be as safe, secure and simple as possible.  Requiring less machinery, human contact and environmental exposure it’s easy to see why more and more growers are choosing liquid fertiliser.

Environmental Benefits of Liquid Fertiliser:

+ Three sources of N in one UAN (Ammonium, nitrate and urea) product, reducing the risk of leaching and volatilisation.  With liquid fertiliser, Nitrogen losses are lower and functionality is higher.

+ Additionally, Liquid fertilisers can be combined with other nutritional and protective products and applied in one-pass. This results in savings for time, fuel and labour costs and emissions.

+ No plastic waste – Reusable storage tanks vastly reduces plastic waste.

+ Environmental Management Schemes – The proper application of liquid fertiliser to the crop edge helps to protect the environment and field margins under management schemes.


Performance Benefits of Liquid Fertiliser:

+ Liquid fertiliser moves quickly through the soil profile resulting in more product nutrient availability to crops, especially in dry conditions.

+ Targeted sprayer application of your liquid fertiliser allows for 100% field coverage, right up to field margins. This helps to ensure that all of your crops get the nutrients they need when they need them, for maximum yield potential.

+ Unlike many granular formulations, water-soluble liquid fertiliser allows you to apply nitrogen and nutrients evenly and consistently.


Economic Benefits of Liquid Fertiliser:

+ Low-cost storage,  often with contactless delivery from a single operator.

+ Flexible timing – Liquid fertilisers applications are less affected by weather conditions. This can result in more working days available and greater flexibility during busy periods.

+ Reduced labour – The handling and application of liquid fertiliser is often a simple, one-man operation.

+ Better use of capital – Reduced storage, handling and additional handling equipment, switching to liquid fertiliser can have a great impact on your working capital.


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