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Our expertise is deep and varied because we built Agrii by combining specialised companies over the last 30 years

Let's find out more about how Agrii helps with more about sustainable farming and the production of safe, affordable and healthy food

Increasing Productivity

We know our farming customers are facing some big challenges to keep their farming businesses viable over the next few years. 

Helping you build a resilient business 

The phasing out of direct farm payments, coupled with uncertainty over future income streams and government incentives, is a once-in-a-generation challenge, all while facing increased competition from competitors abroad and the pressures of a changing climate. 

A lack of access to new breeding developments, and the fact that global technologies are not yet available in the UK, make the adjustment all the more difficult. 

Our Five Point Plan: Increasing Productivity and Viability

Improving Farm Productivity in an environmentally sustainable way is core to both business viability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Targeting areas of improvement through the adoption of new technologies will help to reduce the cost of production and minimise the risk of environmental harm.

Our R&D efforts, combined with our agronomists’ capability to adapt scientific information to each farm’s needs and circumstances, have produced substantial yield achievements, surpassing the DEFRA average from similar geographies over the years.

The effects of this integrated approach can be seen in the results from our MAP Benchmarking Group.

Closing the gap between genetic potential and yield

A holistic approach to crop planning and agronomy

Agrii agronomists take a holistic approach to agronomy, which starts well before the seed is in the ground.

Their in-depth knowledge is backed up by results from our vast range of national trials, and our internal specialists in soil biology, cultivations, seed, nutrition, crop protection and precision and digital farming solutions.

As part of this integrated approach, we identify T(-1) as the point of planting and recognise the importance of the planning and preparation required to maximise a crop’s chances of reaching its genetic potential.

This can help to identify and target the level of inputs required, resulting in environmental benefits, reduced carbon footprint, greater crop resilience and a higher return on investment.

Please speak to your Agrii contact for more information about our integrated foundation to foliar approach to agronomy and business planning, and the opportunities that exist prior to planting to make the most from your fields.

In terms of ensuring that any seed you plant reaches its genetic potential,
it’s what you don’t do that counts!

LISTEN: Using Soil Health to Build Farm Resilience and Productivity

Rod Smith, who farms in Northumberland is joined by Amy Watkins, Sustainability Project Manager and Mark Dewes, Sustainable Farming Lead to discuss on farm productivity and farm resilience, and how they can be achieved by improving soil health

Our commitment to you

We understand that improving your farm’s productivity is core to ensuring continued business viability, while also reducing green-house-gas emissions, and wider impact on the environment. 

We want to support you to; build this business resilience and adapt to climate change; sustainably increase your agricultural production and income; reduce your carbon footprint and look after the natural environment.

What we’re doing

To support your journey to improved productivity and business viability, we are:

  • Searching for new developments in crop technologies that could help you boost productivity, efficiency and combat pests and diseases
  • Looking into alternative crops that could offer you new business opportunities, such as in the growing wellbeing and plant-based food markets, or which could help extend crop rotations
  • Exploring other regenerative farming techniques that could improve your productivity while maximising environmental potential


  • Developing our MAP benchmarking project to help you drill down on your figures and identify areas for improvement, while also looking at how else we can help you reduce establishment and production costs 
  • Developing fertilisers with a lower carbon footprint to help you reduce your environmental impact 






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Our expertise is deep and varied because we built Agrii by combining specialised companies over the last 30 years

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