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Winter Beans

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Vespa (Breeder: Wherry & Son, UK Agent: Senova)

  • New variety with high yield potential
  • Equal best standing/straw strength
  • Medium early maturity and medium to large grain size
  • Yields 5% above Tundra

Bumble (Breeder: Wherry & Son, UK Agent: Senova)

  • Large seed with consistent yields, treated yield 104%
  • Improving yields in recent seasons, 1% over Tundra
  • Equal largest seeded winter bean variety, in some seasons suited to export for splitting market or for hulling for fish food production
  • Taller than Wizard and Tundra with slightly weaker straw

Tundra (Breeder: Limagrain)

  • Widely grown established variety with treated yield of 103%
  • High yielding variety with good all round agronomics, the most widely grown variety
  • Good straw strength with medium early maturity and medium to large grain size
  • Suited to a wide range of soil types
  • Consistent performance – yields 5% above Wizard

Wizard (Breeder: Wherry & Son, UK Agent: Senova)

  • Large seeded grain favoured for some export markets with treated yield of 98%
  • Established variety, proven on a wide range of geographical situations
  • Some market demand linked to large dimpled grain size and specific grain quality
  • Good standing and straw characteristics, with good Ascochyta resistance

Honey (Breeder: Wherry & Son, UK Agent: Senova)

  • LEarliest, shortest and stiffest strawed winter variety with treated yield of 95%
  • Best combination of maturity and straw, more suited to the West and Northern regions
  • Produces large ovule grain suited to the premium markets
  • Lower official yield data but benefits from higher plant density (32/26plants/m2)

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